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15 Tools That Make Life Easy for Java Developers

It uses a pure-Ruby, domain-specific language for writing system configuration “recipes”. With Chef, you can manage servers a large number of serves easily. After Git, I think JIRA is the second most important tool for anyJava developeror say any programmer out there. It has quickly become the #1 Planning and bug tracking tool for many organizations. Get a new project or module started in seconds with a simple project setup that follows best practises.

Which build tool is best for Java?

  1. Jenkins. This is a Java-based open-source build automation server.
  2. Apache Ant. This is another Java-based, open source build tool.
  3. Gradle. If you want a modern version of Apache Ant, I recommend Gradle.
  4. TeamCity.
  5. Maven.
  6. Travis CI.
  7. CMake.
  8. sbt.

Apart from Docker, Kubernetes or K8’s is one of the most sought-after skills by companies of all sizes. So, if you are looking to gain a new skill and tool that will stay with you throughout your career, then learning Kubernetes is a great option. Kubernetes drastically changes the code deployment process, making it possible to seamlessly roll out new releases with no downtime. If you like to learn from free resources, like books, and courses, then you can also check out this list offree Docker Courses for Java developers, which contains a lot of useful information. Btw, the list is by no means complete, and if you know some excellent tools, Java programmers should learn, then please share with us in the comments section. I found Netbeans more comfortable to use for web development because it comes with bundled tomcat or any other application server, and it’s to create a project, run and debug them.

Top HTML and CSS Online Courses for Web Developers

This one is a Java profiler that allows on-demand profiling during development or production; this means you can ensure your product meets the highest standards of quality. On-demand profiling means the profiled application can be run without incurring any overheads. This one calls itself the ‘most intelligent Java IDE’ going around. You can only know if this actually is the case if you use it, but there is no doubt that it does help developers how to become a java developer come up with innovative Java solutions. It has features that help boost productivity such as ‘Smart Code Completion’ and ‘On-the-fly Code Analysis’; it also offers advanced support for web and mobile development and a whole lot more. There is no doubt that JIRA is the best tool for the Agile practitioner. If you love Agile and want to master Agile principles and practices, then you can also check out this list offree Agile coursesto start with.

  • This open source mocking framework creates mocks and spies in a simple, readable way.
  • At runtime, it requires Java 8 or higher, but you can still test code that was produced with earlier versions.
  • More than ever, increases in data-centric developer reliance, data sources and users push developers to understand IT purchasing …
  • In this top tools list, we present to you the top 22 Java Tools for Developers to help you make your life simpler.
  • As far as dependency management, build actions, debugging and collaboration is concerned, it is a few notches higher than ANT™.
  • There are scores of build automation software on the market, so how do you know which ones to choose?
  • If you are looking for a free IDE that helps you build a reliable Service Oriented Architecture with Java, or Java Enterprise Edition applications, there is nothing better than JDeveloper.

I go one more extent, and along with using Eclipse, I like to use Netbeans for writing test programs, testing, and debugging new things for Java web development. – If you want to start 2022 on an excellent note, then I suggest you join The Complete Java MasterClass, one of the most up-to-date courses. It’s been updated for Java 17 and beyond recently and will be updated with new Java releases.

Java deployment tools

Other programs may link to that code and include it as part of an application that gets deployed to a production server, but that deployment is a completely separate process. Utilities for use in conjunction with deployment of java applications and applets on the web.Tool NameBrief Description javafxpackager Packages JavaFX applications for deployment. Pack200 Transforms a JAR file into a compressed pack200 file using the Java gzip compressor. The compressed packed files are highly compressed JARs, which can be directly deployed, saving bandwidth and reducing download time.unpack200Transforms a packed file produced bypack200 into a JAR file. Apache Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool.

tools for java developer

For example, do you need to write a bash script in your project? IntelliJ makes refactoring a breeze by previewing your potential changes and showing you any conflicts. While every IDE has its pros and cons, IntelliJ makes for a smooth development experience. Notwithstanding those elements, JArchitect can likewise distinguish code measurements like cyclomatic intricacy , source code lines, afferent and efferent coupling, settling, and profundity. The tool creates reports that help proactively protect against spontaneous code mistakes. This article will highlight the top 7 Java tools that make Java app development efficient.


Sun Microsystems first published Java in 1995 as a programming language and computing platform. There are several applications and websites that will not run without Java is installed, and new ones are being developed every day. Java is a quick, secure, and dependable programming language. Java can be found on everything from laptops to datacenters, game consoles to scientific supercomputers, cell phones to the Internet. You may think that Java is the easiest programming language, and someone else might think it’s the most difficult, but the reality remains! Maven, by Apache, is a project management and comprehension tool for software projects. Maven can manage a project’s build, reporting, and documentation from a central piece of information thanks to the concept of a project object model .

  • Hence, developers need to become comfortable with tools that can profile the application as it runs and identify Java instances and methods that slow down the application or even cause it to crash.
  • It may be utilized to allude to the Spring Framework project itself, which is the place everything has begun.
  • Cobertura is a free Java tool that determines how much code is visited by tests.
  • It’s compatible with both Gradle and Maven, and has plugins for Eclipse and IntelliJ.
  • The work of our software developers combines extreme complexity and large volumes of data to find solutions to correct nanometer-sized inaccuracies in the chipmaking process.

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